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David & Goliath

Carnaby Street, London W1


David & Goliath is a well known clothes retailer with several stores around the UK.

Our parent company, Prolec Electrical Services ( Surrey ) Ltd has carried out several major electrical installs / refurbishments for them over the last 6 years and with these in mind we approached the owners and are in the process of evaluating each of their shops for LED retrofit.

Carnaby Street is the first one completed with the following cost savings achieved:

Existing lights ( Qty 58 standard 12 volt 50 watt ) are used 9 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Existing cost / kilowatt hours 9 hours a day, 7 days a week at 2900 watts ( 58 x 50 )

= 9 x 360 x 2900 / 1000 = 9,396 kw hours per year

3 years consumption = 28,188 kw hours based on £0.115 per kw hour = £3,241.62

LED cost / kilowatt hours 9 hours a day, 7 days a week at 348 watts ( 58 x 6 )

= 9 x 360 x 348 / 1000 = 1,127 kw hours per year

3 years consumption = 3,381 kw hours based on £0.115 per kw hour = £388.81

Saving on electricity over 3 years = £2,852.81


The install was carried out over two mornings starting at 7AM and finishing in time for opening both days.

The introduction of LED lighting here, complimenting the existing metal halide system should also present David & Goliath huge cost savings on electrical maintenance call outs to Central London.

Recent Testimonials

  • Fantastic job carried out by Ledfit, neat and tidy, no disruption to our opening hours and end result a display that looks amazing and brings our dresses truly to life. An added bonus for an all female staff is no bulbs to change!!
    Alison Sargeant, Aurora Bride
  • Wow! Just what we needed thank you so much. Our first electricity bill since the LED refit was £60 less... Amazing!
    Chris Rivers, Rainbow Video, Wimbledon
  • We are very happy with our new LED lighting. They look amazing and make our products really stand out. I cannot recommend them enough.
    Derek Shankar, Brand Web Designs

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